Friday, March 14, 2014

From the KierkeGaarden

Long skinny eggplants from an eggplant that overwintered in a pot against the house (as opposed to eggplants I tried to grow from seed sowed in August), basil fino verde, tomatoes-of-survival, Shirley's ovum, Golden Queen peaches, Tuscan kale (the least cabbage moth-molested of our Summer brassicas), and the pumpkin de resistance, Golden Nugget (first of many).

Nashi pears and rhubarb. Dessert material.

The head of John the Baptist. 100% organic.


  1. How glad I am to be vegetarian. John the Baptist's head looks as if it would require a little much preparation. And long slow cooking.

  2. It went straight into the compost. Or the decompost. Whatever - not to worry.